Practical Experience Requirement

Candidates are required to have at least three years of Practical Experience in supply chain management in order to obtain their SCMP. This experience can be in any aspect of the field of practice, including core and supporting areas, but must be full-time and demonstrate progressive levels of competence through applied knowledge acquired while pursuing SCMP accreditation.

This growth in competence is demonstrated by the successful performance of work activities and job functions that advance incrementally in both scope and responsibility. Career progression or advancement may typically be achieved through lateral/horizontal or vertical movement within the same organization or across multiple enterprises.

Lateral/horizontal movement: Candidate moves within the same functional level but has the opportunity to assume responsibilities in increasingly greater strategic orientation, accountability or decision-making, such as budgeting or staffing.

Vertical movement: Candidate moves from one position or functional level to another, usually accompanied by a change in position title and greater responsibility.

No more than one year of related experience gained prior to enrolment as an accreditation candidate may be recognized.

Prior to applying to sit for the Final Examination, candidates are required to report details and submit supporting documentation of having completed at least three years of progressive Practical Experience (e.g., employer reference letters, position descriptions, current resume or organizational charts).

Training, Education and Professional Development for Supply Chain Management